Qualification round
This is a list of teams registered for DeepHack.RL and submitted at least one solution to the OpenAI Gym for Skiing game. Every score presented in the table is taken from the team's latest submit.
  • Only the TOP-50 of applicants can become the participants of the Hackathon.
  • The registration ends on the 26 of January 2017 at 23:59 (Moscow time, GMT+3).
  • Team should send the code of solution for verification to till 12:00, 27 of January 2017 (Moscow time, GMT+3). Please include into the subject line " {team name} {github username associated with team} solution for DeepHack.RL" . Execution of the code should generate the solution submitted by the team, i.e. code should include trained parameters (weights).
If you find any errors in the Leaderboard please email us -
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